Speaker / Trainer

Faye Fulton is a dynamic speaker and mixes important information, humor, and entertainment in every presentation. She gave her first keynote speech over fifteen years ago and since then she has delivered seminars, workshops and keynote addresses to a wide variety of audiences on topics related to leadership, team development, diversity, presentation skills, design, and written communication skills.  She has spoken in all fifty states as well as internationally. She has developed and delivered thought-provoking training programs to professional teams, CEOs, and students.

Training Topics

  • Leadership
  • Working in Teams
  • Diversity in the Workplace
  • Presentation Skills
  • Business Writing
  • How Story Improves Sales
  • Building Rapport & Connection with Story
  • Attracting the Right Clients with Story


Creating Connections in today’s Diverse Workplace

In today’s increasingly diverse workplaces it is more important than ever to connect, collaborate, and resolve conflicting perspectives.  Faye demonstrates the incredible results strategic storytelling produces. She will illustrate how storytelling inspires and persuades customers, team members, and students to take positive action.  She will share examples of capturing the benefit of diversity to achieve higher levels of performance, collaboration, and understanding.

The Power of Story to Persuade and Influence

The power to persuade and influence others in a positive, non-confrontational manner is a priceless skill.  Faye will share how to cultivate stories that will help you communicate better and become more persuasive and influential. This keynote is packed with practical techniques and strategies for persuading, influencing, negotiating, and gaining favor with clients and colleagues. Whether you are asking for a raise, closing a critical deal, pitching a proposal, or getting your colleagues to cooperate, you will be amazed at the power of story.